How to Make the Holidays More Magical (& Less Stressful)

No one wants a stressful holiday season! But this year, with more activities open and new COVID-related stressors, it is more important than ever to plan ahead. 

1. Decide ahead of time what is most important. For example, what do you want you and your family to experience/create/feel the most during the holidays? (I’m sure it’s not stress or rushing but rather magic, wonder and love.)

2. Plan around your top priority! It is way easier to say no to things when you know that you are really saying yes to what is most important to you! 

3. Your time fills up quickly. Be mindful of your time, energy and space. Remember, no is a powerful word and often means yes to you and your family.

4. Think birds eye view. Imagine looking back on the holidays, what are the top three most important things you want to experience/create? Once you have intentionally chosen, then you can put your time and energy into making those happen.

5. Be you! People are drawn to authentic, centered people. So if you want to order in for the holidays, do it! Want to head to the beach instead? Why not!

6. People remember experiences and how you make them feel. With all the changes going on in the world, why not try the holidays the way you’ve always wanted to? Game on. 

Wishing you a magical holiday full of love, ease and presence. XOXO


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