Do You Have the Need for Speed?

As I was braking my way down a BIG hill yesterday afternoon on a bike ride with my son, the idea of the need for speed (or my need for less speed!) wouldn’t get out of my mind!

My son raced on, while I gripped the brakes a bit and it got me thinking, yet again, about how different we all are. Whereas some people love to go fast and furious, others enjoy a more leisurely pace (me!).

It also made me laugh as it relates to our family Halloween costume this year…Back to the Future!

Back to the Future!

Time and speed seem to be topics of endless interest as well as debate. Would you like to go back in time? If so, what would you tell a younger version of yourself?

I’d tell myself to breathe and to enjoy the heck out of each stage- even though it may feel tricky in the moment and not match what I thought it “should” be like. Life is full of seasons and in looking back, I now do my best to live my present moments to the fullest, to engage all my senses whenever possible, to be more in my body, to feel my emotions, and to direct my attention and intention to the things that light me up (like writing this email to you!)

Clearly there’s always room for growth. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even lay off the brakes while biking with my son. But even if I never do, the biggest gift is in being true to ourselves and to our pace, even when, or especially when the world seems to be calling for the opposite!

What about you? Do you like to move through your day quickly or with speed? Do you notice anywhere that you’ve been pulled off your own internal course or pace to fit in? If you could structure your days or weeks in the perfect rhythm for you, what would it look like? Only you know the perfect rhythm for you! To living at our own speed!