Do you ever feel like something is missing or a bit off?

Ever wish your life was a little different, that you felt better or that you were making real progress on what is important to you? Perhaps you’d like to improve your relationships, be more playful, write a book, start a new career and/or feel healthier. Read on to learn more about my coaching offerings. And if you’d like to explore how working together just might be the new beginning you are looking for, book a complimentary discovery session.

Life Coaching

Do you ever feel stuck or wish you had more time, energy or money? Could you use more fun, joy and meaning in your life? Join me in a custom six month package designed to help you begin show up in all areas of your life and start living an aligned, inspired and playful life now.

Book Coaching

Do you have a book in you but you're not quite sure how to get it out and published? I help my clients write and publish their books in a way that enhances the overall quality of their lives.  This 6 month package supports you in your writing and life, because they go hand in hand!

Energy Clearing

Do you ever feel off or like you keep bumping up against challenges? These sessions release stagnant and trapped energies while simultaneously uplifting and supporting your overall well-being, including your health, work, family, relationships, projects and overall life.

How to know if my coaching is for you…

  • You feel like you keep running into the same or new challenges over and over again
  • You never seem to have enough time or energy no matter what you do
  • You wonder why other people seem to be making progress in their lives while you feel stuck
  • You’re over feeling worried, stressed, anxious or behind all the time
  • You are tired of getting in your own way
  • You want to make the most of the time and relationships you do have
  • You’re ready to catapult your life to the next level
  • Yet you aren’t quite sure how to make that happen on your own…

What others are saying about my coaching...

“I’ve found rhythmic bliss and am ready for new possibilities.”

“Laura got right to the heart of where I was stuck. I didn’t even know I was stuck there, but she found it and we talked about ways of moving forward through action. She helped me with the clarity I needed, and now I am on a whole new path towards a career that makes my heart happy.”

“Laura helped me identify my stuck beliefs, pinpoint my priorities and create a plan to move forward towards my goals.”

“Working with Laura has allowed me to let go of past trauma and learn how to listen to my body in ways I never thought possible.”

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Feel better
Make real progress
Enjoy your life