An expert in play, communication and well-being, I speak and consult on many subjects including:

  • Harnessing Play &. Creativity to Solve Problems at Home & at the Office
  • The 3 C’s of Communication for Teams & Families (Calm, Connect & Coach)
  • The Secret to Work/Life Balance (& it isn’t what you think!)
  • Play Together: Screen Free Games & Activities to Boost Creativity, Connection & Mindfulness (for Teams & Families)
  • Playlist Planner: How to Have More Fun at Any Age (PLUS why you should care!)
  • Be Your Own Leader: 3 Simple Ways to go from Shut Down to Showing Up & Tired to Inspired
  • The Surprising Science Behind Happiness & Well-being

I would love to contribute to your community or event. Please reach out here for speaking and workshop inquiries.

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