“Laura came and spoke to our MOPS group and she was an absolute delight. We love that she came to us as a former MOPS mama herself. She taught us all how to tune into where we are today and show up for our kiddos. We all felt reinspired to play and have a little levity in our hearts.” Karisa Macias, speaker coordinator


“Laura was a hit! She was very attentive to our group & she did a great job interacting with the ladies. As busy moms, we can sometimes forget how impactful play time with our kids can be. Laura’s Play Together workshop brought fresh & simple ideas and explained the importance of playing together as a family. Laura had us participate in a few games that were thought-provoking, playful and just fun!!” Tona Kelley, Speaker Coordinator


“We loved having Laura Haver speak and celebrate the release of her book, Play Together: Games & Activities for the Whole Family to Boost Creativity, Connection & Mindfulness, at the bookstore! Laura is so creative and is full of wonderful ideas to help families connect. I have never seen so many kids in the store having fun playing together and with their families. If you have ever wanted to spend more meaningful time as a family and have tons of fun at the same time, then make sure to book Laura and pick up a copy of Play Together.” Mary, Event Coordinator


“We loved Laura’s presentation and look forward to working with her again soon. She demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the advancement to emotional intelligence,

education innovation and support at our Equip to Achieve EQ Summit. The audience especially enjoyed her tips on incorporating the power of play for kids and adults.”

Alicia, Equip to Achieve Summit


“I began coaching with Laura 6 months ago. I was floundering, confused and stuck. I cannot overstate how much growth I have seen in that short amount of time.

Laura helped me identify my stuck beliefs, pinpoint my priorities and create a plan to move forward towards my goals.

I am now actively working towards financial freedom, charging clients what I’m worth and booking new clients regularly – all because Laura helped me gain clarity and untangle the confusion I was stuck in!”

Possibility = Financial Freedom. Results = Quadrupled her income


“Being a mom is hard.  While it’s rewarding, it sometimes takes more than I’m able to give.  At one point I realized I put so much into being a mom that I had lost passion for much of anything else in my life. It was affecting everything from my career to my marriage and my ability to parent.  That’s when I started working with Laura Haver.

Laura helped me identify my values and new possibilities.  With her coaching I created a vision of rhythmic bliss to get myself, my family and my goals back in alignment.  Laura has helped me take a hard look at what I want and what is holding me back.  I’m more motivated to reach goals because I am taking the time to learn how it feels in my body and how my self-talk and visions limit me.

One of my favorite things about Laura is the contagious energy and enthusiasm she brings.  She is observant and reflective.  She holds space for me to do the work I need to do.  She focuses on continuous improvement with a playful spirit.  Now that I’ve found my rhythmic bliss, I’m ready for new possibilities.  I’m thankful for our latest work and my new vision of unstoppable light.

Possibilities = Rhythmic Bliss + Unstoppable Light. Results = Published two books


“I have to be honest and say that I didn’t know what to expect from a session with a life coach. I was a bit skeptical and thinking to myself, “How could anyone figure out my complicated issues in a short time?” Well Laura is just that good.

Through asking a series of questions, she got right to the heart of where I was stuck. I didn’t even know I was stuck there, but she found it and we talked about ways of moving forward through action.

She helped me with the clarity I needed, and now I am on a whole new path towards a career that makes my heart happy.
CALL LAURA! You’ll thank yourself for this gift that you gave to YOU.
A big thank you again!”
Possibility = Clarity. Result = Created New Career


“Laura was excellent at building rapport, helping me to feel comfortable with the process she was going to take me through. Laura was able to cut through my objections and excuses and uncover the issue and support me with ideas on how to best move forward. She is amazing.”

Possibility = Adventure. Result= More time, energy and passion in life

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