Sense of Soul Podcast 

Playful Connection (51 min)

Laura Haver joined us for a playful conversation! She is obsessed with uncovering the secrets of how to live an unstoppable life. As a coach, writer, athlete, and mom, she has successfully pivoted many times throughout her life and career, and loves empowering her clients and readers to do the same. With decades worth of coaching experience and has helped hundreds of people to experience play, adventure, growth and inspiration in their lives.

Laura’s upcoming book, Whirlwind Parenting, is a fun & easy read on how to playfully transform your parenting (through coaching, communication & games). She loves helping parents connect with their kids, spouses, community & selves, and bring their play back to life! Inspiring parents to have more fun and connect with their kids through play, coaching and communication. Her blog also features posts on well-being, play, inspiration and more.

Laura is always creating, last year she successfully challenged us with her #wewritethestory, recently she started new community called “Author Moms” to connect, support and inspire writing moms.

Check out and follow her journey on IG @Lauramhaver and visit laurahaver.com.


Don’t Eat Your Feelings with MindfulBellie
Don't Eat Your Feelings with Mindfulbellie

Episode 66: Re-align your life, communicate your needs, and prioritize play to breakthrough emotional eating patterns with Laura Haver (1 hr 11 min)

In this episode, Ellie shares some quick holiday/Valentine’s tips and an interview with Laura Haver.

Laura is a mom, coach, writer, and athlete. She has helped hundreds of people experience more play, adventure, growth and inspiration in their lives. She specializes in communication, Happiness/Well-Being, Parenting and Empowering women to play big, align their lives with what is important to them, and use their voice to impact the world.



Made to Create 

Chasing Creativity with Laura Haver Podcast By cover art

Chasing Creativity with Laura Haver

Sometimes chasing creativity is as simple as making it fun and setting some attainable habits. In this episode Laura Haver and I sit on my patio to talk about creativity, writing, being a mom and how to have fun with all of it. Laura is an author and coach helping busy & overwhelmed parents have fun & connect w/their kids through play, coaching & communication. I was so encouraged as a parent, creative, and just as a human being in this conversation with Laura. I know you will be too!



Madison / Savile Inspired Podcast

Unstoppable & Fierce in Being a Parent AND Following Your Dreams with Laura Haver (50 min)

How do you be a parent, be present, have FUN & CONNECT with your kids all while making the space and time to pursue your dreams and passions?! I don’t know one mom that is not busy and doesn’t hide in the bathroom every now and again to have a moment to themselves.

My guest Laura Haver is a mompreneur, writer, coach and speaker on this very topic. She is obsessed with uncovering the secrets of how to live an unstoppable life and has helped hundreds of people experience more play, adventure, growth and inspiration in their lives. As a coach she offers a very unique and needed coaching specifically on helping busy moms to let go of the mom-guilt & stagnation and UNCOVER their passion/purpose. Join us as she shares some of her coaching tips and life hacks!

If you are interested in learning more lifehacks and more about Laura and her coaching, you can reach her at  laurahaver.com  or IG @lauramhaver.



Uncommon [cast] 


The Whirlwind with Laura Haver – Pt 1 (27 min)

When we find ourselves in a whirlwind, we have a few choices… get angry, play the victim, or… ride the storm, and hopefully make peace with it… Such a great convo with our friend, author, mom, creative, and yes… Beach Tennis Pro, Laura Haver. We talked about the fun things she’s been doing with her family during the pandemic, Netflix, self-forgiveness, her upcoming book, and a little thing called Hedonic Adaptation… And if you’re like us and didn’t know what that meant, you need to! Plus we filmed this one so you will get to watch us on the Youtubes.

You can find Laura on her website: laurahaver.com
And on Instagram @lauramhaver




The Healthy Mind F*ck 


Put Playfulness Back into Parenting with Laura Haver (29 min)

Parenting is not easy and I’m beyond happy to have my amazing friend @lauramhaver on the podcast today sharing her skills on bringing play into parenting.

Laura has become a close friend and during this change of humanity has learned to thrive with her children by remembering how to play. We talk parenting, life design, how to avoid parent guilt and more.





Mouse and Weens


E75 – Meet Laura Haver, a life coach, writer and athlete. As a mom herself, and the creative playful talent behind Chasing Havers, she gives us practical advice on getting through these homebound, tumultuous times. We talk about distractions, mental overwhelm, and meltdowns, and learn how we can get back on the happiness track with some straightforward steps. Find out about her sanity checklist and daily hacks to help organize our chaotic lives. And take part in her fun challenge called #WeWriteTheStory which through games and play, creates connection and mental shifts toward happiness. Whether you’re a parent like Mouse looking for support and structure, or feeling indecisive like Weens with interests or career, you can use what Laura offers to get you centered and onto that path forward. We’re excited for you to hear this episode and to spread positivity. It is contagious!



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