My book, PLAY TOGETHER, is available for pre-order! It’s a go to guide for family fun, featuring 60+ games that strengthen family connection, creativity, kindness, movement & mindfulness. (Bonus: it’s screen-free!)

HELLO & WELCOME! I’m Laura, a mom, play advocate, author, life coach and speaker. I help busy moms and families go from feeling shut down to showing up using the power of play, mindfulness and intention to live joyful, vibrant and fulfilling lives now.


PSSTT- Listen to this! My New Song!!!

I had this crazy idea to write a song for my book, and here it is!!! Thanks to my dear friend, Lisa Medina for teaming up 🙂


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I LOVE helping busy women UNCOVER their passion & purpose, DITCH feeling stuck, bored or reactive, and ROCK their lives & work through play! I offer coaching, workshops, free communities & more. Reach out to setup a free hello call.


Want more fun in your life? I invite you to join Alchemy of Fun. This is a super special community that empowers and inspires women to transform their lives and work through play and intention. We meet the 2nd (am) & 4th (pm) Thursday of the month. Come play!