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HELLO & WELCOME! I’m Laura, a play expert, speaker, author and life coach. I help people of all ages incorporate more PLAY into their lives to experience more joy, vibrancy and fulfillment. If you’re tired, stuck, bored, feel like something is missing or ready for more, check out my offerings, all playfully designed to help you (and your family/team) flourish: bookcourses, coaching, speaking, workshops, communities.


My book, PLAY TOGETHER, is now available! It’s a go-to guide for family fun, featuring 60+ games that strengthen family connection, creativity, kindness, movement & mindfulness. (Bonus: it’s screen-free!) #1 New York Times bestselling author, Marci Shimoff says, “Playing has never been more fun! Play Together is a gift for families looking to add more joy and connection to their lives.”


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Play Together features 60+ FUN research-backed, screen-free games. Perfect for families, friends, classrooms, teachers, coaches, & beyond; it will have you laughing, talking & playing with your kids in minutes. Just pick a page & get started!


I LOVE helping my clients infuse play into all areas of their lives and expand their energy, freedom and fulfillment. I offer coaching, workshops, free communities & more. Reach out to setup a free discovery call.

PSSTT- Listen to this! My New Song!!!

I had this crazy idea to write a song for my book, and here it is!!! Thanks to my dear friend, Lisa Medina for teaming up 🙂