Hello & welcome!

I’m Laura Haver. I am an author, coach, speaker and beach-lover! I am obsessed with happiness and learning how to craft the best life for my family, clients and myself! I write about all the fun and craziness that accompanies being part of a family, being full of dreams and ideas, and living a life that you love.

I am pumped to be finishing up my upcoming book, Whirlwind Parenting, which brings fun, play and coaching to parent life!

I am blessed to have two playful and sweet boys, to have married my summer fling, and to live in San Diego, CA near my extended family (and the beach)!

I have had a lot of adventures throughout my life including coaching extraordinary people and helping them unlock their dream life, writing a book & blog full of happiness games, living in Australia where I earned my Masters in International Communication,  winning the Beach Tennis National Championships, appearing on the Today Show, being a world-ranked beach tennis athlete, being a mom, wife and more.

In March 2020 my boys and I started the #WeWriteTheStory2020 challenge to help connect families and people during the COVID quarantine. We have had a blast, partnered with a lot of cool organizations and are still creating new games! So far we have over 60 games & counting and we were featured on FOX News. You can find all the games on my Instagram account, @lauramhaver.

I also lead a writers group for moms. You can follow along on Instagram for daily inspiration at @authormoms.

I am excited to share what Ive learned along the way and continue to learn in hopes that we all can work together to be and raise the best .  people on the planet and have fun/fulfillment along the way!