HELLO & WELCOME! I’m Laura, a mom, author, coach, speaker & beach lover. I help BUSY parents 1) have FUNCONNECT with their kids/selves & 2)  ROCK their purpose & passion.

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I LOVE helping busy moms to DITCH mom-guilt & stagnation, UNCOVER passion/purpose, and ROCK #momlife through play! I offer coaching, courses, trainings & more. Reach out to setup a FREE coaching call (with wellness audit & custom kickstart plan.)


I’m obsessed with learning about happiness, well-being, habit formation & what it takes to live an unstoppable life both for parents and kids! My writing highlights everything #momlife- including parenting, play, communication, relationships & more…

Whirlwind Parenting

My upcoming book, Whirlwind Parenting, is a fun & easy read on how to playfully transform your parenting (through coaching, communication & games). I love helping parents connect with their kids, spouses, community & selves, and bring their play back to life!

  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver In the whirlwind of life, carving out time to be present and in the “flow” seems to be one of
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Join us tmrw night on Clubhouse to talk about overcoming roadblocks. I know there’s so much going on- feels like
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver What do you do when your child gets upset? Do you get upset? [It’s only natural to get upset- scientifically
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Want to bring more play to your life? (If you’ve been following me, you know this is my favorite subject!)
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Keeping with my theme of starting small, last night on Clubhouse we talked about SMALL actions you can take to
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Join us tonight at 8pm on Clubhouse in the Unstoppable Moms Club room. I will be hosting along with  @mahalenedulay 
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver What are you putting off? Or avoiding, delaying, procrastinating...⁣ ⁣ We all have long to do lists and lists buried
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver ❤️How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? ⁣ ⁣ Though we not a big Valentine’s Day couple, we do love getting
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Hello!  Today I am excited to share about something near and dear to my heart- being unstoppable. Life is a
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver One major happiness boost/hack is fostering social connection. In the time of social distancing I’ve found amazing connection on Clubhouse.
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Anyone looking for a break from reality? Then Game 66 is for you! It turns you & your kids into
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Hey! Anyone else on Clubhouse (the new audio only social media platform)? At first I thought, oh geez, another social
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Want to have meaningful conversations (& lots of fun + amazing networking)? ⁣ ⁣ Clubhouse, the new audio only social
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver ✨Remember the magic of being a kid? What if we still could be hanging upside-down on the monkey bars and
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Raise your hand if a mom community has made a difference in your life?! ‍♀️ I’ve been BLESSED to be
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver I am grateful for you! I just couldn’t be luckier to get to do what I love and “work” with
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity.⁣ ⁣ It is not always obvious when
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Do you ever feel like you are on autopilot? Like you are just reacting to life? ⁣ ⁣ With everything
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver What is my  #1  happiness hack??!!! Drumroll....⁣ Gratitude! ⁣ ⁣ Although at 1st I thought it was kind of cheesy,
  • 51 years ago by lauramhaver Want to know a secret? I hate New Years resolutions… Fix this, change that. To me it just feels like

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