HELLO & WELCOME! I’m Laura, a mom, author, play/communication/happiness expert, coach and speaker. I help BUSY parents and kids to have FUNCONNECT with their families/selves &  ROCK their purpose & passion through play.

I know parent-life is crazy, so check out my site’s freebies & regular blog posts filled with info on how you can transform your life through play! And, if you’re ready to ditch mom guilt & feel pumped on life and work again, check out my coaching services and workshops.



I LOVE helping busy moms and mompreneurs to DITCH mom-guilt, feeling stuck & reactive; UNCOVER passion/purpose, and ROCK mom-life through play! I offer coaching, courses, trainings & more. Reach out to setup a FREE discovery call or learn more.


I’m obsessed with learning about happiness, well-being, habit formation & what it takes to live an unstoppable life both for parents and kids! My writing highlights everything mom-life, including parenting, play, communication, relationships, work & more…

Play Together

My upcoming book, Play Together, is a go to guide for family fun! It features 68 games that you can play at home or on-the-go to strengthen your connection, creativity, kindness, movement and mindfulness. (Bonus: all the games are screen-free!)

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