I help busy moms DITCH mom guilt, UNCOVER their purpose/passion, and ROCK mom-life through PLAY!

I love helping moms navigate that weird transition period when they go from full time “mom-ing” to finally having a chance to come back up for air and be their own person! There is nothing better than helping moms figure out what lights them up and how to actually make that happen! The results are amazing as that new energy cascades into and brightens up all other areas of their lives.

I know how strange, hard and confusing it can be and how sometimes it’s just easier to stay stuck or in the status quo, than to actually dig into making changes. That’s why I offer a free mini coaching call for all moms! Whether or not we work together now, you will leave this mini session with a solid understanding of your overall wellness and a clear path to get started!


In addition to private coaching, I also offer workshops, speaking engagements and custom group programs. I teach on many subjects including:

  • How to Rock New Habits (for moms & kids)
  • Happiness Hacks
  • Whirlwind Communication (How to CALM, CONNECT & COACH Your way to better relationships)
  • How to ENJOY Parent Life
  • The Surprising Science Behind Wellness and more!

Contact me below for workshop or speaking inquiries:

Want a free insight into your own alignment? My alignment audit is a fast worksheet that you can use to begin to align your life today.


“I have to be honest and say that I didn’t know what to expect from a session with a life coach. I was a bit skeptical and thinking to myself, “How could anyone figure out my complicated issues in a short time?” Well… Laura Haver is just that good.

Through asking a series of questions, she got right to the heart of where I was stuck. I didn’t even know I was stuck there, but she found it and we talked about ways of moving forward through action.

She helped me with the clarity I needed, and now I am on a whole new path towards a career that makes my heart happy. I can’t believe she did that in one session!
CALL LAURA HAVER NOW! You’ll thank yourself for this gift that you gave to YOU.
A big thank you again to Ms. Haver!”
Julianne Eggold (Mouse and Weens podcast)

(Picture from my appearance on Mouse and Weens Podcast)

“Laura was excellent at building rapport, helping me to feel comfortable with the process she was going to take me through. Laura was able to cut through my objections and excuses and uncover the issue and support me with ideas on how to best move forward. She is amazing.”

– Lisa Couturier

It is my absolute pleasure to help my clients to quickly get unstuck and move forward into the next chapter of a life they LOVE & are ENERGIZED to wake up into each day! (So you know I adore receiving such great feedback from my clients.) If you are feeling stuck, tired, or bored let’s setup a free mini session & take the 1st step in getting you back on track toward your DREAMS. Xoxo, Laura